IN THE KNOW: “Beautiful Liar” From MONSTA X, “I ≠ DOLL” From Huh Yunjin, Even More of The Hottest K-pop Songs This Week


January 2023 has just begun, but K-pop idols are already filling the music scene with high-quality music!

Among the idols K-pop H1-KEY, MONSTA X, LE SSERAFIM Yunjin, SF9 and VERIVERY presented the hottest releases in the second week of the month!

Here are the comebacks for the 2nd week of January 2023.

H1-KEY — “The Flowering of the Rose”

Starting with female groups, H1-KEY set the bar high with their first mini-album “Rose Blossom”.

After its release on the 5th, it reached number one on the iTunes album charts in Bahrain and Turkey. The album also entered iTunes and Apple Music albums in seven countries, including Singapore, Mexico, Australia and Thailand.

With this release, the band rises as a group of “girl fans” certified by Spotify, the largest music streaming company in the world after HI-KEY was chosen as the cover of their “Spotify Girl Crush” playlist.

MONSTA X — “Beautiful Liar”

MONSTA X also demonstrated their position as a representative of the third generation by releasing their new song “Beautiful Liar”, the title song of their 12th mini-album “REASON” on the 9th.

The title track “Beautiful Liar” depicts the reasons for love that can be found in the most dangerous relationships. The song also features the theme of “a dangerous emotion that cannot be rejected, love that cannot be let go while continuing a dangerous relationship.”

On the same day, the mini-album “The Reason” was presented, in which six tracks tell the story of finding a clear reason for existence in various relationships and revealing the meaning of each other.

SF9 — The “Puzzle”

SF9 is finally back!

On the 9th they consolidated their influence with their 12th mini-album “THE PIECE OF9”.


In total, the album includes six songs, including the title track “Puzzle”. According to Dawon:

“This is an album that contains the contents of a complete team, putting together disparate pieces like puzzles. This time we have turned into mysterious and classic agents. I think it would be good if you were looking forward to more mature music than before.”

Jaeyoon added:

“This album is most consistent with the concept of the SF9 album.”

Huh Yunjin – “I’M A DOLL”

Huh Yunjin is still a beginner, but she has already secured her position as a singer and songwriter outside of LE SSERAFIM!

On January 9, Junjin released her second self-titled track “I ≠ DOLL” on the band’s official YouTube channel. The MV was created in an animated format with characters drawn by Huh Yumjin herself.

“I ≠ DOLL” is a rock—based trap song, which says that she should not mislead herself with her appearance and lose sight of her inner value.

In addition, the song says that idols are not creatures living like dolls in a wicker frame, but strong people who show extraordinary talents in some areas and vice versa have shortcomings, but strive for growth.

VERIVERY – “It’s you”

Speaking about the tracks of their own composition, VERIVERY also presented a special video for the song of their own composition “It’s You” on the 9th, which expresses their love for the fans.

In the released video, VERIVERY instantly charmed the audience by singing a song in a white suit resembling a snow-white prince, and delivered a feeling of comfort with their serenading vocals.

In particular, the song was prepared as a gift to VERIRERY (fandom) in commemoration of the 4th anniversary of the debut.


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