In the Earth: pandemic horror movie gets trailer


The horror film In the Earth won its first trailer, released by the production company NEON. Directed by Ben Wheatley (Free Fire: The Shootout), the low-budget title was recorded in secret for 15 days at the beginning of the pandemic, a theme that will be a central part of the plot. In parallel with the world’s struggle to find a cure for the virus, a scientist is sent to a forest next to a guide to test some equipment.

However, during the night, they will experience a terrifying walk, while the place comes to life. The video begins by showing the seemingly peaceful environment, but soon reveals a possible supernatural mystery that will haunt and jeopardize the protagonists’ sanity. Such a situation suggests that nature may be the great “villain” of the feature.

With moments that resemble a nightmare, the attraction brings elements inspired by other productions of the genre, such as The Witch of Blair and The Ritual. Check out:

The project debuted at the Sundance Film Festival, when it gained notoriety and received good reviews from critics. This reception marked the filmmaker’s return to the horror genre, best known for works that resemble cult films, with many creative concepts.

“I wanted to make a film that was contextualized with the current moment. I saw productions that were launched during the pandemic and they looked very old-fashioned. No one was talking about what just happened. Covid will mark a generation. It was like making a feature film in 1946 and not making reference to the fact that everyone had just gone through World War II, ”said Wheatley during press conferences released by Indiewire.

“In this retrospect, I wanted to do something that was immediate to talk about this moment, about the experience we have now. And I think that’s what horror cinema should be: taking a current situation and inserting it into the genre ”, he added.

The cast consists of Joel Fry (Yesterday), Ellora Torchia (Midsommar: Evil Doesn’t Wait for the Night), Hayley Squires (Damn Dress) and Reece Shearsmith (On Top of Power). In the Earth will hit theaters on April 30.