In the 9th season of The Disastrous Scrubs, there Was Actually Only One Key Mistake


The widely criticized 9th season of “Clinic” is considered the worst of the entire series, but in fact he made only one serious mistake. After the satisfying finale of the eighth season of The Clinic, the announcement of a sequel was somewhat mysterious. In the 9th season subtitled “Clinic: Medical School”, many of the main characters of the series played minor roles, and instead the focus was shifted to a group of overloaded medical students. There were also one or two key characters who did not return in the 9th season of The Clinic, which made it seem like a different series, not a sequel.

Ultimately, the revised format and the main characters did not resonate with the audience, and “Clinic” was canceled after season 9. Returning characters from previous seasons appeared in reduced numbers, which was not too appreciated – but season 9 of “Clinic” has essentially lost its relevance. hold on to the formula for winning the show. Although the new cast showed promise, and there were several solid stories in the 9th season of The Clinic, he simply did not live up to the eight previous seasons, which was the main reason for his failure.

However, all the failures of the 9th season of “Clinic” can be attributed to one decision. By shifting the premise from a medical comedy-drama about doctors to a story about medical students, Scrubs subtly changed the very fabric of the show. This one key change had a domino effect that undermined everything good about this season, including returning characters and interesting new stories, and at the same time the attention of the medical school led to the failure of the 9th season of “Clinic”.

The corner of the medical school of season 9 destroyed the best elements of the scrub

The medical school of the 9th season of “Clinic” has reworked the entire premise of the show. The first eight seasons of “The Clinic” were an almost perfect medical drama with a reliable comedic streak, and this carefully cultivated balance became a huge part of the show’s success. However, in season 9 of The Clinic, the original Sacred Heart Hospital was demolished (off-screen), and the new Sacred Heart Hospital was built as a medical school on the campus of the fictional Winston University. By switching from qualified doctors to overworked medical students as the main characters, season 9 of “The Clinic” destroyed the show’s ability to provide a solid balance of drama and comedy.

By making their main characters medical students, the 9th season of “Clinic” removed the burden of responsibility that the main characters of “Clinic” struggled with during the first eight seasons of the show. This, in turn, undermined the drama that originally underpinned the show, and at the same time slightly shifted the focus from the medical profession to student life. This made the 9th season of “Clinic” look more like a college sitcom than a medical comedy-drama, which again only further distanced the 9th season from its much more popular predecessors.

Keeping JD, Cox and Turk as mentors should have worked

One of the most criticized elements of season 9 of “The Clinic” shouldn’t have been a problem at all. With a shift in emphasis in the ninth season, many of the former main characters of the Clinic appear in supporting roles. At the same time, J.D., Dr. Cox and Turk acted as mentors for the medical students of the show: Cox as the chief physician, Turk as the chief surgeon and J.D. as a visiting professor at Winston University. Since season 9 of The Clinic acted more like a byproduct, this change actually made reasonable sense, especially considering that all three had previously served as mentors (Cox throughout the series and Turk and JD for their interns in later seasons).

In fact, giving the three main characters of the series important roles in the history of the 9th season of “Clinic” was supposed to serve as an interesting continuation of their characters. If season 9 had more accurately conveyed the same tone as previous seasons, JD, Turk and Cox could have worked on passing the baton to the new characters of the show. This would work especially well, since each of them has obvious substitutes: J.D. and Lucy are dreamy storytellers, Turk and Cole are joke surgeons, and Dr. Cox from The Clinic and Drew from Season 9 are irritable, stubborn leaders. . However, because the season of “The Clinic” changed the premise of the show too radically, this narrative potential ultimately remained unfulfilled.

Scrubs shifting the focus to new characters wasn’t a problem

Just as using returning characters was a good idea, it was also a good idea to introduce new Scrubs season 9 characters. The potential doctors of season 9 were able to roughly match the established types of characters in the series, but with enough changes to keep its stories interesting. Each of his new characters brought something interesting to the dynamics of the 9th season of The Clinic, as did Denise Eliza Coupe, whose role was transferred from the supporting role to the main one.


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