In the 6th season of Station 19, 3 actors become regular participants of the series


The cast of the 6th season of “Station 19” is expanding as three recurring characters become regular characters of the series. Based on the Anatomy of Passion with a focus on Seattle fire department employees, “Fire Station 19” premiered on ABC in 2018. During its existence, several new characters have appeared in the popular drama, who have left the main cast. . The show also has a large recurring roster, in addition to crossovers with familiar faces from “Anatomy of Passion.” This approach helped the series adapt, constantly adapting to unexpected deviations throughout the run.

The fifth season of “Station 19” was no exception. One of the main characters of the series, Dean Miller (Okiriete Onaodovan), died at the beginning of the season as a result of a gas explosion, trying to save the lives of others. Miller was killed off because he was asked to leave the ABC hit at the end of season 4, although a deal was reached that gave the character some closure in his last appearance. Ahead of the 6th season of Station 19, which debuts on October 6, the spin-off has added to its ensemble by promoting some of its regular players.

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According to TVLine, ABC announces that Merle Dandridge, Josh Randall and Pat Healy have been transferred from regular guests to regular actors. Dandridge plays Chef Natasha Ross. Healy, who plays an unforgettable guest in the role of Jeff the taxi driver in the TV series “Better Call Saul”, plays fire chief Michael Dixon. Meanwhile, Randall plays fire captain Sean Beckett. All three actors first appeared on “Station 19” over the past two seasons.

The trio goes into normal status with a full list. Natasha has a secret relationship with Sullivan (Boris Kojo), which Maya (Daniel Savre) threatened to reveal. Maya, of course, wants to regain her old position in exchange for keeping the secret, but this position has already been taken by the divisive Beckett. Dixon is not much better, a corrupt antagonist since his debut in season 3 of Station 19, who is currently running for mayor against Travis (Jay Hayden). That’s not to mention all the other stories the show will be considering when it returns.

Season 6 of “Station 19” more than any other storyline is likely to answer the question of whether Jack (Gray Damon) really left and left his team. When viewers saw him for the last time, Jack learned some difficult truths about his origins and made a shocking decision. Many viewers expect that he will somehow return to the old course. But no matter how the broken threads shake, there will be no shortage of turmoil when the new episodes of the spin-off premiere in October. Actor updates will only add to that.


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