In the 4th season of “Wild West World”, two main characters have just been secretly killed?


The world of the Wild West killed two main characters with a single phrase of dialogue? Seven years after season 3 (followed by another 23 years due to Caleb’s timeskip), season 4 of Wild West World reintroduces most of the presenters that viewers remember before. Maeve helps protect humanity, Clementine was captured and reprogrammed, Teddy somehow resurrected, Bernard finally decided to stop napping, etc. However, several carriers who were still alive at the end of season 3 remain missing in season 4 of Wild West World.

When Dolores entered the real world, she created four copies of herself: one turned into the villainous Charlotte Hale, and the versions inside Martin and Musashi were disabled. The last clone was placed in Lawrence, a popular host from WestWorld Park, played by Clifton Collins Jr. Appearing in the season 3 finale of Westworld, Lawrence helped Bernard in his quest to save the world, and then disappeared, his fate remained unknown. Similarly, Maeve recruited a team of soldiers during the war with Dolores in season 3 of Wild West World. Hector died on screen, and Clementine’s fate becomes clear in season 4, but there is no sign of Hanario Tao Okamoto (the “Truce” version in ShogunWorld), who was last seen. alive with Clementine.

The 4th episode of the 4th season of “Wild West World” (“Loss of a generation”) He can explain what happened to Lawrence, Hanario, and any other wanderers who have reached the real world. When Maeve from Tandem Newton engages the Man in Black from Ed Harris in a fight between the presenters, the latter reproaches: “We are no more. There is only you. All your friends… they’re gone. I took care of them myself.” The Man in Black does not mention any names here, but the line implies that somewhere between seasons 3 and 4 of “Wild West World” he undertook a series of murders, destroying all carriers not under the control of Charlotte Hale. “Wild West World” has already revealed how he tracked down and killed Clementine—Lawrence and Hanario were probably on the same list. As a consequence, the only leading characters from previous seasons who are currently active in the real world of Season 4 of Wild West World are Maeve, William, Hale, Bernard, Stubbs, Teddy, Dolores (?), the reprogrammed Clementine and, most recently, Caleb.

How Lawrence, Hanario and others can return in season 4 of “Wild West World”

Death in Westworld is a bit like Sonic the hedgehog dropping his gold rings. There are almost no circumstances under which a character (or at least an actor) cannot return. As already shown in season 4 of Wild West World, the Man in Black killed Clementine, but Charlotte Hale reprogrammed her, turning one of Maeve’s friends into an obedient servant of Delos. Lawrence and Hanario may have suffered the same fate, but they are not assigned the same basic duties as Clementine, instead they perform other functions in the background.

If Clementine was a special one-time case, Lawrence and Hanario’s return would depend on exactly how the Man in Black killed them. If he had only damaged their bodies, the pearls of DoLourence and Hanario could have been placed in rebuilt shells—perhaps the next time Maeve needed followers. However, even if the Man in Black crushed their pearl control units, Clifton Collins Jr. and Tao Okamoto may still appear in the fourth season of “Wild West World.” Their physical templates can be reprinted for two of the many new presenters that Charlotte Hale is creating.

The same applies to other hereditary characters from the “Wild West World” who have not yet appeared in season 4. Musashi and Martin’s pearls remained intact, allowing two copies of Dolores to potentially be reborn (unless William destroyed them during the massacre). Hector’s pearl is destroyed, but his body can be rebuilt for a new owner. As James Marsden’s Teddy proved, hosts who were previously inside Sublime can find their way back out. And by creating versions of William and Caleb, “Wild West World” demonstrates that even the death of a human character is nothing more than a fleeting inconvenience. In most TV shows, the death of a fan-favorite character usually causes a negative reaction. In the World of the Wild West, death can be the beginning of a completely new narrative.