In search of a wife-sister Season 4: age, work and instagram Ariel Jasmine Rock


Season 4 of the TV series “In Search of a Sister-Wife” features five couples at different stages of expanding their relationship, and here’s what fans need to know about Sidian and Toshi Jones’ sister-wife, Ariel Jasmine Rock. Sidian and Tosha were first introduced to viewers in season 3, when they were actively looking for a sister-wife, although ultimately unsuccessful.

Season 3 of “In Search of a Sister-Wife,” which aired in 2020, was filled to the brim with drama and controversy. Ashley and Dmitry Snowden were accused of domestic violence by the sister of Dmitry’s wife, Kristin Petersen, who came out of polygamy. Garrick Merrifield was sharply criticized for divorcing his wife, Danielle Merrifield, in order to marry his sister-wife, Roberta Rodriguez. By default, Sidian and Tosha became one of the audience’s favorite couples, but later Sidian’s first wife accused them of dating behind her back.

However, Sidian and Tosha returned to the 4th season of the TV series “In search of a sister-wife”, and this time they are interested in Ariel Jasmine Rock, the winner of a beauty contest from the Philippines. Although Sidian feels a connection with Ariel, he worries that Tosha may feel threatened by her because Ariel is so attractive, since his first wife had problems with jealousy. Since Ariel is charming and has an interesting backstory, here’s what fans of “Looking for a Sister Wife” should know about Ariel.

Age of Ariel Jasmine Rock

Judging by her Instagram account, Ariel is 28 years old and she was born on November 30th, which makes her a Sagittarius. On her birthday last year, Ariel uploaded a series of photos. Funny moments were noted in the photos. She shared her birthday cake inspired by Friends, her Sushi dog licking strawberry frosting, and the flowers she received. While the age difference between Ariel and Toshi, 29, is only a year, Ariel is 11 years younger than 39-year-old Sidian.

The work of Ariel Jasmine Rock

According to Ariel’s LinkedIn, the newest star of Seeking Sister Wife works as a quality assurance supervisor for Earth Breeze, a manufacturer of cleaning products. When the cast of “In Search of a Sister-Wife” is not working at Earth Breeze, Ariel’s LinkedIn biography says that she also earns money “as a freelance project manager, graphic designer, virtual assistant and content author.” She added that she is “a theatrical performance enthusiast, a freelance model and a presenter.” Ariela received her Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from STI College Koronadal in the Philippines.

Instagram Ariel Jasmine Rock

Sister Wife fans who want to learn more about Ariel can follow her on Instagram at @ariellejazmineroque. As of June 2022, Ariel has more than 14,000 subscribers, although this number is sure to grow as season 4 airs. Ariel is an avid coffee lover and cafe lover who likes to share information about the coffee shops she visits, as well as messages promoting body positivity and natural beauty.

Since Sidian and Tosha continue to live in Idaho, and Ariel is still overseas in the Philippines, it will be interesting to see how Sidian, Toshi and Ariel’s relationship continues to develop in season 4 of “In Search of a Sister-Wife.” Given the fact that Sidian and Tosha cannot be found anywhere in Ariel’s social media profiles, there is a possibility that the Joneses may have unsuccessfully courted their sister-wife… again.