In Resident Evil Season 2, one MAIN character of the video game will appear

Attention: SPOILERS of the first season of Resident Evil are ahead.
Since the show is based on the mythology of games, the second season of Resident Evil from Netflix will feature one main character of the video game. The series was created by Andrew Dubb, who worked on Supernatural for a significant part of its run, starting with season 5, as a story editor, producer and co-showrunner for the last four seasons. The development of the series “Resident Evil” was announced a few years after the Milla Jovovich film franchise under the direction of Milla Jovovich came to an end, and producers Konstantin Film partnered with Netflix and Moonlighting Films to transfer the horror film about survival to the small screen.
Resident Evil takes place in two time frames: the first begins in 2022 and follows the twin brothers Billy and Jade, who are struggling to move into their new home in New Raccoon City, an oasis-like city built by the Umbrella Corporation and home to new experiments from their father, Albert Wesker Lance Reddick. The second Resident Evil timeline takes place in 2036, when humanity has shrunk to 300 million refugees worldwide, and Ella Balinska’s Jade has now grown up and is working on finding a cure for the T-virus, while Umbrella is conducting a global hunt for her. . Resident Evil has delivered a number of exciting surprises in its eight-episode first season, and those behind the series promise that one of them will be explored in the future.
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Ahead of the show’s premiere on Netflix, Screen Rant spoke exclusively with Andrew Dubb to talk about the Resident Evil series. Dubb specifically talked about the finale of the first season, in which Jade and Billy leave New Raccoon City with a clone of “Bert” Wesker and receive a note from their now-dead father, pointing them to a meeting with Ada Wong. When asked if the character will be explored further, Dubb confirmed that Ada will appear “100 percent” in the second season of Resident Evil.
Introduced in Resident Evil 2, Ada Wong quickly became a beloved character in the game franchise for her skill as an action heroine, beautiful design, and the chemistry she has with iconic protagonist Leon S. Kennedy, despite the fact that she works at Umbrella. Since then, Ada has appeared in Resident Evil 4 as a playable character, and also received a playable part in the recent remake of Resident Evil 2, although she was cut from appearing in Resident Evil Village due to reports of problems with locating the character. in the story. She also made her way to the screen with adaptations of the franchise, where she was played by Li Bingbing in “Resident Evil: Retribution” Jovovich and Lily Gao in last year’s “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City” during a scene in the middle credits of the film.
Although Netflix has yet to renew the series, which premiered just this week, Dubb’s confirmation that Ada will appear in a potential second season of Resident Evil will undoubtedly be a promising joke for fans of the video game franchise. Given that the series is set in the mythology of the games, one would hope that Ada’s appearance could also lead to a second season featuring Leon, whether it’s a flashback between two characters or one of the two main timelines. In the meantime, viewers can now follow the broadcast of the first season of Resident Evil on Netflix.