In Pete Davidson’s Closet: “SNL” star keeps Sweatpants in Order


Spring cleaning. Pete Davidson brought his wardrobe into a first-class look with the help of professional organizers, and the result was a collection of his favorite things, matched by color.

Spiff Organizing, which serves customers in New York, Florida and California, helped the 28-year-old star of the show “Saturday Night Live” to collect her clothes. The large walk-in closet had dark shelves that inspired professionals when they needed to find storage options.

“We have linked black shelving with several black eco—friendly storage boxes,” the luxury home organization company shared on Instagram on Thursday, March 31.

The Spiff team took care of Davidson’s clothes, dividing his closet into separate sections and sorting them by color. The actor is known for his casual clothes: his T-shirts hung in one place, and hoodies and sweatpants hung in parallel in another. Black sweatpants were neatly stacked on the shelves, and bulky items were stored on the top shelf.

The newly organized space also featured his Louis Vuitton luggage, giving the King of Staten Island star easy access when he needs to fly across the country. This is a necessity, since he often flies from his native New York to Los Angeles to visit Kim Kardashian’s girlfriend.

Davidson began dating the 41-year-old KKW Beauty founder in the fall of 2021 after she hosted SNL, and the couple has kept relatively low-key ever since. Kardashian shared her first Instagram post with her new boyfriend only in March.

“I have the cutest photos of us, and I want to say:”Oh, we’re so cute! “,” Kardashian said during an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show later that month. “I do not know how to do the right thing. I haven’t dated since Instagram came along. I do not know what the rules are [when it comes to publishing a new relationship].”

Davidson will not participate in the first season of her new Hulu reality show The Kardashians, which debuts on April 14.

“I didn’t shoot with [Pete],” she told Variety last month. “And I’m not against it. That’s just not what he does. But if something had happened and he was there, he wouldn’t have told the cameras to leave. I think I could shoot something really exciting, but not this season.”

Although he is not starring with her in the new series, the comedian has made many visits to the West coast. During his trips to get closer to his girlfriend, Davidson became friends with Scott Disick, the ex of Kourtney Kardashian (and the father of their children Mason, 12, Penelope, 9, and Reina, 7).

“Scott has had the opportunity to get close to him over the past few months as Pete has been spending a lot of time in Los Angeles with Kim,” the insider said. “Scott is protecting Kim and wants to make sure that whoever she’s dating, she’s in safe hands.”

It seems that the Kardashian influence has affected Davidson, as his organized clothing storage reflects the hyperorganized pantry that Khloe Kardashian is known for. Scroll down to see photos of his new closet:

Starting with bright

Spiff laid out his white T-shirts and sneakers in one part of the New York wardrobe.


After the whites were separated, the organizers painted all his things according to a rainbow with black objects at the other end.


The tops and bottoms of tracksuits of the same color are neatly laid out in Davidson’s new dressing room.


While T—shirts are in one section, long-sleeved tops are in another.

Easy access

Davidson just needs to reach for his gym bag, perfect for a last-minute flight.

Recent views

Davidson can view his casual outfit in a full-length mirror.

hang out

Thin velvet hangers save space and take care of the fabric.