In Marvel’s Hulk-Wolverine, the problem with Bruce Banner’s transformation has been fixed


Marvel’s hybrid hero Hulk-Wolverine Weapon H solved Bruce Banner’s transformation problem, as the combined character can easily switch between his various forms. Caught in a deadly situation, Clayton Cortez broke free of the chains, changing the Hulk’s form into a human form, showing that, unlike Banner, he can control his transformations when necessary. After all, this is another power possessed by Weapon H that the Hulk didn’t have.

Marvel’s Weapon H is the product of the DNA of several different heroes, most notably the Hulk Amadeus Cho and Wolverine Old Man Logan. Thus, his monstrous form possesses both the power of the Hulk and the claws of Logan. However, his abilities do not work at all like those of the heroes he consists of. For example, his body is filled with nanotechnology that ensures that his body will not be torn apart by the adamantium covering his bones. At the same time, his abilities had problems that Wolverine didn’t have, including accidentally popping his claws when sneezing. But one of the advantages of Weapon H over the Hulk was its transformation ability.

In “Weapon H #8” by Greg Pack, Guiu Vilanova, Morrie Hollowell and Joe Caramagna from Marvel Comics venture capital, the hybrid hero of Wolverine and the Hulk found himself together with a strange cast of Marvel heroes, including Titania and Corga, in a Strange world. Having been captured and bound by an alien race named Inaku, seeking revenge on Roxon, the heroes find themselves bound and face death. However, Weapon H assumes his human form again, allowing him to escape from the chains. When he lands, he attacks his invaders, immediately returning to his more deadly Hulk.

Weapon H could do what Bruce Banner couldn’t, as he controlled his transformations by easily switching between his Wolverine Hulk form and his human form. Unfortunately, although the Hulk has occasionally demonstrated the ability to switch from Bruce Banner to the Jade Giant, he has long suffered from a lack of control. As a result, the hero passes out when he didn’t want to or lost control. Meanwhile, Weapon H can interchangeably transform from human to monster and back again with little trouble.

Weapon H remains one of the most interesting hybrid heroes in the Marvel universe, mainly due to the fact that its abilities are constantly evolving. However, with the combined DNA of several powerful Marvel Comics characters, Weapon H is almost a cheat code when it comes to adapting his abilities when needed. In this case, the hero-a combination of Hulk and Wolverine can do what Bruce Banner could not, and transform between his human and monstrous forms when necessary. Perhaps the Avenger should study why this is the case and learn from Weapon H to see if he can replicate his abilities.