In Living Color Cast Now: What They Look Like and the Biggest Shows Since


How does the cast of In Living Color look now and in what series have they starred since then? Created by Keenan Ivory Wayans, In Living Color is a groundbreaking comedy sketch show that ran for five seasons on Fox in the early 1990s. This critically acclaimed and often controversial series, which is dominated by black actors and focuses on black culture and humor, has become an important milestone in the history of television comedy.

In Living Color released such parodies as “House D. Clown”, “Men in the Movies” and “Home Boys Shopping Network”, which were both hilarious and pushing the boundaries. Unfortunately, “Living Color” proved too ahead of its time for Fox executives, whose growing censorship forced Wayans (and his siblings on the film) to gradually leave the show until its cancellation in 1994.

However, In Living Color helped launch the careers of several famous stars before ending a few decades ago. Read on to find out what the main cast of “Living Color” looks like now and their biggest projects since the end of the comedy series.

David Alan Greer

David Alan Grier played popular characters In Living Color, such as the blues musician Calhoun Tubbs and the teacher in the store Al McAfee. Then he starred in the early 2000s sitcom “Life with Bonnie”, and more recently played the main characters in “The Carmichael Show”, “Cool Kids” and “Daddy, stop embarrassing me!”.

T’KAYA Crystal Keima

T’KAYA Crystal Keima starred in funny sketches “In living color”, such as “Hello, Mon” and “Black World”, and later received a couple of nominations for the NAACP Image Award for the role of Erica Lucas in “Cosby”. However, she is probably best known for her role as Tanya Baxter in the Disney sitcom It’s Such a Raven.

Jim Carrey

“Living Color” helped launch the career of comic book icon Jim Carrey thanks to characters such as Fire Marshal Bill demonstrating his comedic acting abilities. Currently, Kerry is better known for his film career, but his television roles include the role of Jeff Pickles in the tragicomedy “Kidding” and Joe Biden in “Saturday Night Live.”

Keenan Ivory Wayans

The creator of the film “Living Color” Keenan Ivory Wayans, who portrayed Arsenio Hall and Billy Dee Williams, created some of the funniest sketches of the show. Later, he directed his own talk show “The Keenan Ivory Wayans Show”, and most recently was a writer and producer of season 4 of the series “The Last O.G.”.

Tommy Davidson

After his time as an actor of “Living Color” ended, Tommy Davidson got the lead role in the black sitcom “Between Brothers.” He has also had several voice-over roles on television, including the role of Oscar Proud in The Proud Family (and its recent revival of Louder and Prouder) and voicing characters in Black Dynamite.

Kelly Coffield Park

Park’s most popular work in “Living Color” was a parody of the film noir character Velma Mulholland. She later appeared in television dramas such as 413 Hope Street and Once and Again, and reunited with co-star Kerry in a recurring role in Kidding.

Damon Wayans

The cast of “In Living Color” included many members of the ultra-talented Wayans clan, including Damon Wayans. He later co-wrote and starred in the popular ABC sitcom My Wife and Kids, as well as Roger Murtaugh in the TV adaptation of Lethal Weapon.

Kim Wayans

The sister of the Wayans family, Kim Wayans, parodied black stars, including Grace Jones and Whitney Houston, in the TV series “In Living Color”. Since then, she has enjoyed starring in shows such as “In the House” and “Reckless,” and recently she played a regular role in the VH1 drama “Breaks.”

Sean Wayans

Sean Wayans was another prominent cast member of the Wayans family in the film Living Color and was known for parodying spiral star Chris Rock, who also starred in the show. He is best known for his roles in the films “Very Scary Movie” and “White Chicks”, but his biggest role after “In Living Color” was in the sitcom The Wayans Bros.

Jamie Foxx

Although Jamie Foxx was late to the cast of “In Living Color,” he is certainly one of the biggest names to appear in the series. Since then, he has enjoyed an award-winning film career alongside work in television, which includes starring in his own sitcom, The Jamie Foxx Show, and reuniting with David Alan Grier in Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me!.