In honor of his birthday, Chris Hemsworth Jokes about His Unsuccessful (DC) superhero choices as a child


When he’s not playing the brawny Scandinavian god of thunder in the Marvel cinematic universe, Chris Hemsworth sometimes shares cheeky online comments. This time the joke was on him, as he celebrated his 39th birthday. Despite being attached to Marvel for ten years, the Thor actor flirted with DC in his youth, so in honor of his birthday, Hemsworth joked about his poor choice of superheroes as a child.

The star of the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder” decided to celebrate his birthday by posting his photo on Instagram. Young Hemsworth is wearing a blue turtleneck and a white lab coat with an old-school Batman logo. Of course, by posting the photo, the MCU star apparently knew it could cause jokes from some Marvel fans, so he beat them to it.

Although the star joked that his younger self might be a little disappointed, he probably won’t be much. He would probably be impressed to see his superhero dreams come true (certainly not in the DC universe). He would like to see an adult Chris Hemsworth owning Mjolnir and fighting for the Avenger on the big screen. I’m sure the boy would also be impressed by how muscular and big he has become in adulthood. (I mean, Hemsworth’s biceps are bananas!)

The cute image of himself in his youth was not the only thing that the A-lister shared on his special day. The father of three has logged back into his Instagram account to share a special moment he experienced with his children. The children surprised their movie star father by simply making an ice cream cake with candles (the little ones didn’t control the ovens).

There is nothing better than children showing their parent unit a little love on their birthday. The “Thor: Love and Thunder” actor seemed pleased with the ice cream balls, especially since it was his favorite taste. The sweet treat definitely seemed good enough to eat, but the real question is whether he had time to eat his gift before it completely melted.

The family just celebrated Chris Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa Pataky, less than a month ago. Hemsworth took to Instagram to celebrate his wife’s birthday by putting up an awesome photo of “Love and Thunder” as he sat on her lap. They’ve done such posts in years past, so funny birthday posts are pretty much a tradition in the Hemsworth family at the moment. And, of course, Chris also gets love from stars like Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo, who previously congratulated him on his birthday. I actually think Hemsworth’s latest DC post is as cheeky as what Reynolds would have written on his social media.

Fans can celebrate Chris Hemsworth’s birthday by watching “Thor: Love and Thunder,” which is currently in theaters. While it’s unclear where Thor might next appear in the MCU, new Marvel movies are planned in the next few years that will give fans their superheroes. But while you’re waiting for these upcoming films, let’s wish Hemsworth many more birthdays.


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