In-Game Coronavirus Alerts Added to Dirt Rally 2.0, Strange Brigade, and Sniper Elite 4


The game industry, which includes companies that do their best against the coronavirus epidemic, now includes warnings during the games. Many games that use this method include games such as Sniper Elite 4, Candy Crush.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, people should stay in their homes and not go out on the streets unless it is mandatory. In this way, it is aimed to protect lives. Playing the game is the first among the methods of spending time preferred by people in this process.

Games, more precisely, game makers and game platforms also fulfill their duty at this point. While platforms offer more games for free, the games are transformed into a way to spend more time.

‘Stay home’ warning in-game:
Some companies have started to place warnings in their own games. Games that include these warnings include popular games like Sniper Elite 4, Dirt Rally 2.0, and Candy Crush Saga.

Dirt Rally 2.0 players see various recommendations on roadside barriers. The makers of the game say that the messages were placed with geographic targeting and currently only reach players in the UK. The aim of the company is to make these alerts available to everyone. It is known that Dirt Rally 2.0 will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers tomorrow. This means that the messages in the game can reach hundreds of thousands of people. Thus, awareness can be increased.

King and Rebellion also joined the campaign:
Another game company that participated in the campaign was Rebellion. On the home screen of the company-developed Strange Brigade and Sniper Elite 4, there are links to pages for more information about COVID-19.

King, who makes some of the most popular mobile games in the world, also included warnings and advertisements about the epidemic in these games. King, who also owns games like Candy Crush and Farm Heroes Saga, gave a free life gift as part of the #PlayApartTogether project carried out with the World Health Organization. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, people should not go out to the street unless it is mandatory. Thus, it is aimed to slow the spread of the virus. It is known that many people turned to playing games during this period.


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