In fact: Raul Richter and Vanessa are a couple again


Raul Richter (35) and Vanessa Schmitt are back together! The star of GZSZ and the presenter legalized their relationship in 2018, and in 2022 it all ended again. There was no official reason, but rumors of infidelity quickly arose, which were never confirmed. However, fans have long suggested that the former couple could get back together. Now it’s finally official: Vanessa and Raul are making a second attempt!

“As some have correctly guessed: yes, we are back together, and yes, we decided to give our relationship another chance,” Vanessa explained in her Instagram story. She also posted a photo of the couple sitting on his lap and smiling happily at the camera. Obviously, there was a spark between them again. The blonde delivered a lot of paired content from the Munich Oktoberfest directly to her subscribers, and the actor also posted a photo of them with the caption: “No words!”

More recently, fans believed that they had already found proof in the lovers’ stories that they had attended the Bavarian folklore festival together. The attentive community noticed small details like the same pretzels or returning neighbors at the table. Based on this similarity, they came to the conclusion that they would spend time together at Oktoberfest.


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