In Addition To Yakuza 8, RGG Studio Has ‘Many’ Games In Development


Yakuza 8: The developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, responsible for Yakuza/Judgment, confirmed that it has “many” games in development – in addition to the already confirmed Yakuza 8. They will be the first games of the developer after the departure of Toshihiro Nagoshi (creator of the Yakuza series) and the producer Daisuke Saito.

In November 2021, the studio had said it was planning games that weren’t Yakuza or Judgment. So what’s new now is that these projects are actually in production. Either way, it will probably be a while before we hear from them.

Yakuza 8 is expected to be the initial focus, or at least we get information about it first. The game has already been announced and will be a sequel to the surprising Like a Dragon, set years after Ichigan’s first story.

Nagoshi, in turn, founded a new studio in 2021: Nagoshi Studio. In addition to the founder, this new studio is joined by eight other SEGA veterans, with Nagoshi holding the positions of president and “representative director”. We also don’t have information on what the studio’s first project is, although it has been said that the game will be “larger in scale [than Yakuza]”.