In addition to Android 11: Google will take temporary permissions on apps for previous versions of the system


Android 11 was released in September 2020 with many privacy improvements like temporary permissions that revoke after a certain period of time. Today Google is announcing that this functionality will come to older versions of the system. Understand now how this will be possible.



According to Google, automatic permission reset will be available for all phones with Android 6.0 or later. The deployment of the novelty will be done through Google Play Services in 2021 and will work first in applications made for Android 11 with API 20 to 23.

This way, apps using these APIs will have permissions revoked if they are not used for a few months. That is, the new feature must be enabled manually in the device settings, in Applications > Permissions.

On the other hand, apps that are Device Admins will not have permissions revoked and the developer can ask the user to disable temporary app permissions if necessary.

The novelty will initially arrive for devices with Android 10 from December 2021, being distributed to older versions gradually, reaching all compatible devices by the end of the first half of 2022.

For now, the Temporary Permissions API will be released in beta in Jetpack Core 1.7.0 so developers can adapt their apps until its stable version is released in October 2021.


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