In a hot leather image: Leni Klum kisses her boyfriend Aris


Leni Klum (18) and her partner Aris Rachevsky seem to be head over heels in love! Heidi Klum’s daughter (49) and the hockey player have been going through life together for two years. However, the model is quite economical with a love of updates. From time to time, the beauty makes an exception – like now! Leni shared a hot kissing photo with her Aris!

In her Instagram story, Leni posted a picture showing the chemistry between her and the athlete: Aris attracts his girlfriend to him, and she passionately kisses him. On an 18-year-old short leather bodysuit, skin-tight.

Lately, the beauty from the catwalks seems to have a weakness for the skin. In early September, she appeared with her famous mom in a sexy leather look on the red carpet ā€” less than a week ago, she was also completely covered in leather at an event with her boyfriend.


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