Improved Method for Detecting Space Trash Successfully


For both space exploration and some services on Earth, various satellites must be sent to our planet’s orbit. However, these satellites sent into orbit cause space to build up around our planet. Chinese scientists have developed a technology that can detect these garbage successfully.

Scientists and astronomers have greatly increased their space activity over the past years. Companies have sent various tools, such as satellites, to provide various services to the orbit of our planet. However, these vehicles sent to the orbit of our planet also caused the creation of space waste around the Earth.

As a result of these half a century of space-related studies, these space trashes make our planet’s orbit dangerous to spacecraft. But Chinese scientists and researchers have found a way to more accurately detect these space litter scattered around our planet’s orbit. According to scientists, this method will help space vehicles to draw more secure routes.

Detecting space trash
Scientists have developed a system that can detect ever-increasing space litter. Although it is very difficult to detect small cosmic trash, laser scanning telescopes have greatly increased accuracy in detecting space trash.

In an article published in the Journal of Laser Applications, Tianming Ma of Liaoning Technical University stated that tan After increasing the accuracy of targeting of telescopes through neural networks, a space litter with a cross-sectional area of ​​1 square meters can be detected at a distance of 1,500 km kul.

The researchers also used this technology through two correction algorithms to accurately detect space litter. Ma said that controlling a certain section of space litter would make it easier for orbiting spacecraft to launch operations more safely.


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