Impressive Images from the World of Minecraft Decorated with Ray Tracking Technology


The new Minecraft with real-time ray tracing technology will be available soon for Windows 10 users. NVIDIA shared head-on with the game studio Mojang behind the phenomenon production and brought RTX support to Minecraft, sharing new images from the highly anticipated game.

Developed by Microsoft’s Swedish video game studio Mojang, which Microsoft acquired in 2014, Minecraft has been in our lives for more than 10 years. The game, which has turned into a world-wide phenomenon in the meantime, is preparing to appear in a completely different way.

There will be those who remember; Operating under the roof of Xbox Game Studios owned by Microsoft, Mojang and graphics card manufacturer NVIDIA partnered to bring real-time ray tracing (RTX) to Minecraft. We even bought the first fruits of this collaboration in November 2019.

Sharing new images from the popular game maked up with RTX, NVIDIA allows us to take a comprehensive look at the fascinating world of Minecraft. The worlds in the screenshots you see right below were designed by Razzleberries, BlockWorks and GeminiTay.

Signed by Razzleberries, the map Of Temples and Totems – RTX offers an adventure world that urges players to discover and complete challenges in mysterious temples. Glows from lava are tremendously realistic. In addition, reflections and shadows offer an impressive and immersive experience for players.

Of Temples and Totems – RTX
Crystal Palace – RTX, designed by GeminiTay, is a survival map with a masterfully constructed fantasy theme. Daylight and real-time shadow samples that seep through the windows create an incredible atmosphere. These elements add incredible realism to this world designed on a 1: 1 scale.

Crystal Palace – RTX
The BlockWorks signed Imagination Island RTX map is a fully discoverable theme park, each home to four different countries dedicated to real-time ray tracing. Offering a world full of hidden messages, Imagination Island promises gamers an immense experience.

Island RTX
By hand in hand with Mojang, creating a completely different Minecraft world with shadows, glows, reflections, global lighting and other realistic lighting effects, NVIDIA has applied physical-based textures to all blocks of Minecraft that interact with these elements in real time. It is not yet announced when Minecraft with RTX support will be released, but we do not expect that we will wait too long for this.


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