Impressive fan demonstration of Spider-Man presents riding on a manhole cover


Superhero games usually inspire fans to create mods, demos, and projects. For independent developers, the advanced tools that fans have with available engines have brought fantastic work in recent years and demonstrate what they would like to see implemented in such superheroes as in a specific Spider-Man project.

In November 2021, the Spider-Man fan project showed impressive animations in Unreal Engine 4, where gibb09 co-author demonstrated new jumping systems. This project was created in collaboration with animator Sarp Serter, whom gibb09 praises for all the work he has done on the animation of the demo, and shows a promising experimental project with an authentic gameplay. More recently, gibb09 shared a funny project development update.

Dubbed Sarp’s idea, gibb09 shares footage from a demonstration that shows Spider-Man’s ability to skate, skate and surf on manhole covers for the first time. The mechanic begins with Spider-Man flying down the supposed sidewalk, ripping the manhole cover off the street and then landing on it on the rails. Also animated are cool aerial stunts using a manhole cover as a skateboard, and Spider-Man can turn in tight turns by sliding on a manhole cover with a web attached to nearby buildings.

The manhole cover is a mechanic that players have been asking for in the Spider-Man game for quite some time, and it not only works in the gibb09 and Sarp project, but is also beautifully animated, which makes it look like it should exist in a Spider-Man game. already installed the Spider-Man game. In fact, Fortnite implemented this mechanic in its own unique Spider-Man crawl, along with the Web-Shooter element. Marvel’s Spider-Man walkthrough is very much enjoyed by fans, but it’s interesting to hear how fans want to see it more dynamic in the future.

Indeed, closing the hatches is a unique workaround that many fans had hoped to debut in Marvel’s Spider—Man, and now hope it will finally officially debut in Spider-Man 2. York, closing the hatch may be an implausible workaround. This works in gibb09 and the Sarp project, as there are wide empty streets without any vehicles, but Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 won’t be that empty.

Nevertheless, it’s incredible to see such impressive animations in this fan-made indie project, demonstrating the capabilities of potential mods or other features. Speaking of mods, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered will be released on PC in August, and fans will surely come up with even more impressive new creations and implementations when it happens.