Impressive Concept Design Created For Xiaomi Mi Mix 4


An impressive concept design work was carried out for the new Mi Mix phone, which is thought to be introduced by Xiaomi soon. Concept design shared on the internet assumes that Xiaomi is working on a new phone similar to Mi Mix Alpha.

Chinese technology manufacturer Xiaomi has passed a successful 2019 year. The company has managed to attract the attention of consumers with its flagship and budget-friendly phones, which it announced last year. Xiaomi, who wants to continue this success, will continue to confront consumers in 2020 with impressive products.

One of the impressive models announced by Xiaomi in 2019 was Mi Mix Alpha. This smartphone, which is almost entirely made up of screens, turned the curved screen designs upside down. However, Xiaomi stated that this phone is currently in the experimental phase and they are not ready to launch. Now, we are here with the concept design of a new Xiaomi phone that looks like Mi Mix Alpha in appearance.

Concept design inspired by Mi Mix 4 from Mi Mix Alpha
As you will remember, Mi Mix Alpha included almost the entire back of the screen. However, this new concept leaves a large gap on the back of the phone. That’s why we can also say the concept design of Mi Mix Alpha 2 regarding this phone. However, if the concept in question turns into a real product, it is more likely to be named Mi Mix 4.

It is possible to say that the design is really stylish. In addition, it seems that Xiaomi adopting such a screen structure may prevent some problems of the screen in Mi Mix Alpha.

Leaked features of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 to date revealed that this phone will be powered by Snapdragon 865 processor, 12 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage. It is also among the rumors that the phone will have a battery with a capacity of 4,500 mAh with support for 45 watts of fast charging.

There are also some rumors about the camera structure of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. Within the scope of these rumors, it is stated that the phone, which is thought to be approaching, will have a 108 MP main camera and this camera will be accompanied by 12 and 16 MP resolution cameras. The 108 MP details in the concept design above are not overlooked in this context. However, the concept has a dual camera setup, not triple, contrary to expectations.

Xiaomi is expected to announce this phone in March, but the Corona virus that appears in China seems likely to affect the release date of this phone.


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