Impressive combo attack of BOTW fans turns them into Chiropractic Moblins


Recently, one player of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild used all the numerous tools and abilities of Link to briefly become a cruel chiropractor of Moblin. Nintendo’s revolutionary open-world game celebrated its 5th anniversary back in March and was originally scheduled to release a sequel this year, until Breath of the Wild 2 was postponed until 2023.

Since fans have more than half a century of experience with the open-world interpretation of Hyrule, many of them have developed a deep understanding of the mechanics and physics of the game and used this knowledge to accomplish some amazing feats. The results are often surprisingly excessive, such as Link violently falling off a mountainside for almost half a minute just to somehow survive. However, many veteran players use their deep understanding of the game to brutally deal with the numerous enemies scattered around Hyrule in spectacular and incredible ways. The usual targets are usually enemies that have proven themselves to be very difficult, such as the Guardians of Breath of the Wild.

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The latest victim of excessive killing was Moblin, who came face to face with Reddit user Jhent. Thanks to a few well-placed arrows, stasis, and a few other tactics, this BOTW player has forced his opponent to lean so far back that Moblin looks like he’s in the middle of a chiropractor appointment. However, this only lasts for a few seconds, after which the stasis on the object over which Moblin is bending stops, and he takes off into the sky, where the creature quickly meets its end.

Mastering physics in BOTW is the key to committing some of these ridiculous murders, especially when it comes to stronger enemies. With a little ingenuity, players can turn anything into a weapon, which is the key point in a game where real weapons are constantly breaking. A striking example is one player who knocked down BOTW Lynel by hitting him over and over again on the head with a boulder.

There are many factors that have led to the long-term success of Breath of the Wild, but perhaps the most important is the huge amount of freedom available to players when overcoming game obstacles. Allowing players to manipulate the game’s physics in such a variety of ways is a key part of this, and many fans are probably hoping that this will somehow return in the sequel. That’s why the community still manages to create epic battle clips like the one in Jent, more than five years after the launch.