Imposter in Among Us !: how to kill, close doors


We tell you a series of tricks to dominate the games of Among Us being an impostor such as using the trap doors, closing doors and others to win.

Among Us! it is sweeping both downloads and viewers through streaming platforms such as Twitch. It is the game of the moment and despite its apparent simplicity, it will not be easy to master the role of the impostor. For this reason, below we will tell you various tips to be able to kill the crew without being detected, use the hatches, close doors and, ultimately, win the games. In addition, we remember that if you still do not have the game you can get it both on PC (Steam) and on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Imposter in Among US !: tips to kill without being seen

To begin with, we must point out that there is no infallible trick to always choose the role of impostor, so we will have to rely on a certain randomness and luck for it to touch us. Once we start the game, he will tell us that we have to be the impostor, so our main task is to kill the maximum number of crew members possible … and not to be caught or voted in the elimination phase. Here are some tips and strategies to achieve it:

  • Disguise and pretend to be a crew member: in order to achieve this we recommend pretending as long as possible that we are innocent and part of the crew. To do this, we have to make it appear that we perform various tasks to help the ship such as throwing the garbage into space, connecting the cables to restore the power and others. Since it is not possible to know from the outside if we are carrying out this action or not, it is enough to place ourselves in the indicated room and wait for an innocent to arrive and, importantly, go alone so that there are no witnesses.
  • Do not use the trap doors too much: when we are sure that we can kill without being discovered is when we should do it and only then use the trap doors to get away from the crime scene, since if someone sees us leaving one of them we will be discovered instantly as the traitor (since only those who have this function can use them).
  • The security room and the cameras: this room is one of the best in which we can carry out murders, since we can pretend that we are looking through the cameras (be careful with these, located in the corridors, being imposters) and take advantage of the occasion when a lone crewman comes to end his life.
  • Shifting the blame to others: once in the voting, we can pretend that we are beginners (unless we are playing with friends and they already know us) and make it appear that we do not understand what the matter is about. Thus, saying phrases like “I have seen the blue go through the hatch, how is it done?” or ensuring that we have witnessed a murder will be even more effective. Of course, here both our theatrical skills and our imagination come into play.
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