Important warning from Apple to motorcycle drivers!


Apple has warned motorcyclists who use a phone holder to secure their phone to the handlebar. Here is the mistake you should not make.


If you are a motorcycle or bicycle rider, you may know that navigation is a problem for you. Although being on two wheels allows you to explore the roads better and memorize the routes, navigation support is indispensable for long distances. If you are fixing your phone to the handlebar of your motorcycle, there is a warning not to do so.

Apple: Phone holder ruins iPhone camera

If you are an active bicycle or motorcycle user, you may often need phone holder accessories that allow you to hang your iPhone on the handlebars. However, with the high speeds of motorcycles, the rider can feel too much vibration. It is not possible to have a pleasant ride without a good suspension, especially on rough roads. It has been confirmed by Apple that these vibrations not only disturb your peace of mind, but also damage your phone.

You may have heard that the cameras of the devices hung on the handlebars with the apparatus were damaged before. Hanging the phone on the handlebar can cause serious damage to the camera, especially when two-wheelers go up to high speeds and go through the streets rather than asphalt.

It was also said by Apple that the camera component damaged by vibration is the stabilizers. When you open the camera, automatic focusing in the environment takes place thanks to some sensors. So if you are one of those who fix your phone to the handlebar and your camera has been bad at focusing lately, it is useful to know that the reason is vibration.


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