Important updates are coming for Microsoft Edge


Microsoft is activating two long-awaited features for its Edge browser. Almost a year after its release, the browser is starting to offer its users history and tab synchronization features.

Microsoft Edge gets more useful

Not every country will be able to access the features offered by Microsoft Edge in the first place. However, countries such as the United Kingdom or America will be among the first markets to experience tab synchronization. These new features will allow Edge users to sync any web pages they visit, in addition to Windows 10 or macOS devices, or even mobile versions of Edge on iOS and Android platforms.

Edge, which first met users on January 15, 20b20, was released without many important sync options. Extension synchronization came in May, and Microsoft made statements that the features it is preparing to activate these days will be available in the summer. Following these announcements, web history and tab sync features were made available in beta versions of the browser towards the end of November.

To enable features, it will be enough to go to settings> profiles> sync and enable ‘history’ and ‘open tabs’ in the options. Of course, it is beneficial not to be in countries where the features are available. On the other hand, you will need to go to the settings section on all devices where you use Edge to manually enable history and open tab features.

Continuing to develop the browser regularly, the company continues to work to make the screenshot tool and price comparison features available. Edge will also receive an update on vertical tabs and new password breach notifications.


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