Important step for crypto payment: Apple Pay


Bitcoin value surpassed the $ 20,000 level towards the end of 2020 and then reached $ 50,000. This great rise, on the other hand, makes the dream of paying with crypto money come true step by step.

Realizing this fact, Mastercard recently recognized cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Now, Apple Pay support has been provided for virtual money payments.

Payment with crypto money becomes real

In many countries, Apple Pay allows you to control all your payment methods on your phone.

BitPay is an important cryptocurrency wallet. With the support of Apple Pay, which also comes with a Mastercard-supported card, crypto money seems to enter our lives as a real payment method.

In fact, Mastercard’s recognition of cryptocurrencies as a payment method earlier in the week paved the way for this. Previously, you had to exchange cryptocurrency to use cards issued by apps like BitPay. Time will tell what this road opened with Bitcoin will bring.

After the arrival of BitPay support for Apple Pay, the way for other virtual money wallets to receive this support was opened. BitPay is also preparing for other digital payment methods such as Google Pay and Samsung Pay. To add the BitPay wallet to Apple Pay, you need to have the latest version of the application, 12.1.0.

So what do you think, can paying with crypto money make these virtual currencies an integral part of the economy? We are waiting your comments.


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