Important step for Corona virus crisis from Lyft


Deciding to increase their support with the Corona virus outbreak, Lyft said he plans to expand his operations, including food and medical supplies delivery. Lyft is a Uber-like mobile transportation app. Operating in approximately 650 cities, the company is in the Lyft mobile application; offers passenger car transport, bicycle sharing system and food delivery service.

Lyft stated that demand for services temporarily decreased due to the pandemic. The company has announced that it is actively expanding its services to create new opportunities for drivers, provide driving support to those in need, and assist with the distribution of essential goods. The initiative currently consists of three main parts.

Maximizing support for drivers and community
Company; It will provide access to medical supplies for low-income individuals, the elderly, and people with chronic diseases. It will provide food supplies to seniors and students who receive free lunches from their schools. The Lyft App will be constantly updated on important safety and public health developments such as curfews.

Enabling national LyftUp partnerships
The LyftUp initiative has been activated to provide driving support for people with basic transportation needs for families and children, low-income seniors, doctors and nurses. Lyft for this; He works with new and existing partners, including the United Way, World Central Kitchen and Team Rubicon. Drivers are asked to stay home if they are sick and work with a medical professional to consult transportation options if they need to see a doctor. According to the CDC and local health officials, anyone diagnosed or suspected of COVID-19 should not use public transport.

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Unity for support
As part of this effort to support the community, Lyft contributes with salaries to the company’s inoperable drivers by the end of June. He also says that they will find them temporary job opportunities. Lyft has many resources for those who want to support their community. It directs foundations and charitable organizations seeking help, to the [email protected] e-mail address.


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