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Sony has previously announced that PS5 users can access games faster thanks to the fastest SSDs ever produced. However, the company did not offer a very large storage space in this SSD. Japanese game giant The Verge said in a statement that players cannot expand the PS5’s SSD from day one.

The PS5 has an area where users can place standard M.2 SSDs in the shape of a stick and this area is very easily accessible. However, this area will be disabled in the first place and it will not be possible to take advantage of the extra SSD. Sony will do the activation of this area in an update that it will release later.

It can be said that this is not a surprise for those who follow the news about PS5 closely. Mark Cerny, the hardware architect of PlayStation, announced the increase in SSD storage space at the technical preview event in March and stated that the feature may be available a little late. Cerny talks about this possibility between 20:00 and 23:30 in the video below.

The PS5 has an 825 GB SSD. According to the leaks, 667 GB of this area is open to users. Storage areas of some popular games that will meet with gamers from the release of PS5 range from 32 to 133 GB. In short, installing too many games from the very beginning may cause a significant portion of the PS5’s storage space to be filled.

Storage space is not just a problem for Sony and PS5 users. Microsoft will also release 1TB capacity expansion cards for both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The Xbox Series X has 802 GB, Series S has 364 GB of storage space.

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