Important statement from Sony about PlayStation 5 stocks


Sony stated that despite claims to the contrary, PlayStation 5 stocks will be large during the release period. According to Sony Interactive CEO Jim Ryan, PS5’s inventory at the time of launch will be higher than PS4.

In his statement, Ryan also confirmed that Sony is struggling to paint a clear picture of supply and demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Interviewing The Washington Post, Ryan said, “Besides the uncertainty in supply, will there be markets where we can sell the product? Will the stores be open? We’ve never seen a year like this before. ” He spoke in the form.

Ryan also clarified the prices set for the PS5 and stated that the decision was made quite early this year. These words of Ryan can be taken as a response to Sony’s claim that Microsoft sets its price according to the price of the Xbox Series X.

Sony announced the selling price of the digital version of the PlayStation 5 in the USA as $ 399. This price is $ 100 higher than the price Microsoft set for the discless Xbox Series S. “We want people to know that the console they bought will be up to date for many years,” said Ryan, who defends his own pricing policies.

Ryan, in his statement to Yahoo Japan, used the following statements: “Reducing the features in order to lower the price did not yield very good results. Both us and other companies have experience in this regard. ”

Sony denied a previous report and stated that there would be no problems in PS5 production. Ryan’s statements also suggest that when the console is released in November, there will be no trouble finding the console.


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