Important statement for the new God of War game!


PlayStation 5’s price and some new games were introduced in the past months. The new God of War, which took its place among these games, was met with great enthusiasm by gamers. A new and exciting statement has been made about the game, which will be released in 2021!

An important announcement has come for God of War!

As you may remember, we listened to Kratos’s speech at the PlayStation 5 event and saw the symbol of the production and the video was over. We do not have any information about the game at the moment and it looks like it will continue like this for a long time. Sami, the game tester and UI designer of Santa Monica Studio, the company that made the game, increased the excitement with the statements he made on his Twitter account.

Playing God of War 2018 feels surreal now. Back then I never ever thought I would be in game development in any form.

We’re working on something special and crazy .. it’s time to get ready for GOTY 2021.

– Sami @ Unleash the Hype (@RagSami) November 2, 2020

“Playing God of War 2018 now feels surreal,” said Sami, working at the Santa Monica Studio. At the time, I never thought I would be in game development in any way. We are working on something special and crazy. It is time to prepare for GOTY 2021. ” Using his expressions, he explained how interesting the new production would be. He also stated that the new game will be Game of the Yer, the game of the year.

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