Important Recommendations from Experts on Contact Lens and Eyeglass Cleaning


The period we have been through requires us to pay more attention to our personal cleanliness than ever. Experts warn that people who wear contact lenses and glasses should pay close attention to hand cleaning.

Experts made very important statements about the things that people who wear glasses and contact lenses should pay attention to. First of all, Dr. Spokesman of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, reminding that common sense measures can significantly reduce the risk of infection. Sonal Tuli said, “So wash your hands frequently throughout the day. Use quality hygiene waters for your lenses. Avoid touching your nose, mouth and especially your eyes or rubbing them as much as possible. ”

Dr. Tuli also says that people who wear glasses should clean their glasses regularly. The new type of coronavirus COVID-19 is transmitted by transferring infected patients to the face, eyes, nose or mouth without washing the hands after touching the contaminated surfaces with respiratory particles. Therefore, experts warn that it is an extremely risky behavior to contact eyes, nose or mouth with dirty hands.

Giles Edmonds, Director of the UK-based Specsavers Clinical Services, says the glasses should be wiped frequently with a clean cloth during the day. “If you need to put your glasses on a surface, be sure to clean them before putting them on again,” said Edmonds. “Edging or removing your glasses without touching your face is almost impossible. Therefore, don’t forget to wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. ”

Edmonds also says that if you are wearing contact lenses, it is very important to carefully wash your hands with soap and water before putting on and removing your lenses. Stating that all contact lens wearers should pay particular attention to the finger and thumb tips that touch the lenses, Edmonds calls for the washing of hands with the right techniques to protect both you and the people around you.


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