Important Move from Giant Technology Company: Metaverse Focused Smartphone Coming!


After years of stagnation in the Android market, HTC looks set to make a comeback. According to a new report, HTC will announce a “high-end” Android smartphone next month with a focus on the Metaverse.

HTC Will Release a Metaverse Focused Phone

HTC, the world’s leading phone and tablet maker, reported during a recent MWC event that it will unveil a new Android smartphone in April, described by HTC Vive Asia-Pacific GM Charles Huang as a “high-end” device.

While HTC hasn’t completely left the Android market in recent years, the company’s efforts have largely focused on the budget market rather than going after flagship models.

However, it seems that HTC will include Metaverse at the focus of its newly introduced Android device. However, while it was stated that HTC’s new phone will be designed for AR and VR applications, no other features or details about the device were included beyond these details.

Notably, HTC announced the Vive Flow VR headset in October of last year, and it needed an Android smartphone to function as the headset’s controller. While no statement has been made by the company about this, it seems likely that this new smartphone will have a connection with HTC’s Vive Flow VR headset or a newer version.

Viveverse Announced

However, HTC also announced an open-source metaverse platform, “Viveverse”, at MWC 2022. Yes, the “metaverse phone” might sound a little weird, but things may fall out of favor with HTC taking the Vive with it and integrating the Viverse into its upcoming smartphone.

HTC’s launch of a metaverse-focused phone wasn’t the first move by the popular phone and tablet maker to use a smartphone to jump on a new trend. So much so that in 2018, the company introduced HTC Exodus, a blockchain-optimized smartphone focused on cryptocurrency.