The most important features of Xiaomi MIUI 12 have appeared!

As you know, at the beginning of March, we released a list of Xiaomi phones that will receive the MIUI 12 update. It is noteworthy that there are not too many models, but after the release of the calendar of the Xiaomi MIUI 12 update, the most important features of the Xiaomi MIUI 12 also appeared. The interface really seems to be changing.

The most important Xiaomi MIUI 12 features
We know that the first beta releases for the Xiaomi MIUI 12 update will be made in September. The second beta versions appeared to take place in October. Besides, with the Xiaomi MIUI 12 update, it was revealed what will change.

The latest MIUI 12 features have been released by a developer. There will be new features with this MIUI 12, which will include some innovations for Xiaomi phones. One of the new features will be the solution for Xiaomi to be slow and lag behind other brands while browsing between applications on the phone.

This update, which will provide faster movement in the new navigation bar, will bring new multitasking with it. Changing the style of the multitasking window, the China-based company seems to welcome us with a much better design.

With this update of Xiaomi there will be a change of interface
On the camera side, users will expect a new interface. According to the source leaking information, the interface on the camera will completely change. With the expected improvement on the lens side, users will become more free on the camera side.

In addition, there will of course be improvements to the dark mode, which is among the digital trends of 2019. Xiaomi, which plans to offer a perfect and flawless dark mode with MIUI 12, plans to enhance the user experience.

Xiaomi will finally get the new notification system with MIUI 12 update. New leaks that say we will encounter a brand new notification system seem to take the user experience to the next level.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that the leakage features in question are not approved by official sources. Although the mentioned features remain leak for now, at least it reveals what to expect for the Xiaomi MIUI 12 update.



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