An Important Feature Has Been Added to Mobile Versions of Microsoft Teams Application


Microsoft has updated the Android and iOS version of the video conferencing app Teams. Updates to the Teams application improve the performance of the applications and fix their bugs while bringing some new features.

US-based technology giant Microsoft offers consumers services in dozens of different areas. In this context, one of the company’s new services is “Microsoft Teams”. Microsoft Teams, a virtual conference application that brings consumers together, is frequently preferred by institutions and organizations, especially home office models. Microsoft has now updated the iOS and Android versions of this effective service.

The new software update released by the Microsoft developer team for the Teams app brings some new features to both the Android and iOS version of the app. These new features further increase the functionality of the Teams application on mobile platforms. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at the new features of Microsoft Teams application without further ado.

What’s new in Android version of Microsoft Teams
Thanks to the feature offered in the update of Microsoft Teams published on the Google Play Store, users can now use tags to talk about a specific group of people. This feature, which can be used via the “@” symbol, will enable a group to be created instead of a single person and thus speed up the work. Users will also be able to disable the call queues feature in the new version of Microsoft Teams they use from the Android platform.

The new Android version of Microsoft Teams brings some improvements as well as these changes. In this context, users will now receive more reliable notifications and be able to attend a meeting more securely. In addition, Microsoft has made several bug fixes and performance improvements available to users with the new version of Microsoft Teams.

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What’s new in iOS version of Microsoft Teams
With the update released by Microsoft developers for the Teams application on the iOS platform, the group tag feature added to the Android version also comes to the iOS application. Users will also be able to blur their backgrounds during a call or meeting. Additionally, Microsoft Teams users on the iOS platform will be able to enable live captioning during a call.

The developer team has made some performance improvements and bug fixes on the iOS platform as well as on the Android platform. Performance improvements and bug fixes for the new iOS version of Microsoft Teams are exactly the same as changes on the Android platform.


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