Important Development in Altcoin Bought by Binance: Date Given!


The altcoin project, which was acquired by the crypto currency trading exchange Binance, decided to continue on its way with a new name and shared the date on its Twitter account that it plans to switch to the new main net.

SXP bought by Binance exchange will now be known as Solar

Swipe is a platform that seeks to bridge the realms of fiat and cryptocurrency with its API designed to create global payment cards powered by the native SXP token. This ecosystem is powered by SXP (SXP), which serves as fuel for the Solar Network and is used to pay transaction fees and secure it through linking and governance to the Solar Network.

From now on we will see SXP as Solar. According to the announcement, Solar is preparing to migrate SXP from ERC20/BEP20 to its main net. As it is known, SXP main net is a Tier-1 Blockchain that uses the native token SXP and the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus model powered by Solar Core.

This year has been a critical turning point for SXP, where the community and developers laid the foundation for the altcoin project. However, it seems that in the second quarter, there will be much more important developments for SXP. The SXP main net launch date was announced as March 28, 2022.

The announcement on the solar blog also includes the following information. The main net code for exchanges, developers and delegates will be available a few days before the official launch. Developers and exchanges will be able to use APIs and SDKs to test the mainnet application. Delegates will be able to preset their nodes to guarantee a smooth startup.

What is an SXP testnet?

Testnet is an SXP network that runs as a separate blockchain parallel to the main’net and can be used by Solar developers, delegates, and community members to test new features. While the testnet has a separate delegate group, many delegates on the mainnet will have a delegate on the testnet to contribute to the development of the Blockchain.

All updates and new features that will be released on the main net will be first tested on the testnet to ensure proper functionality and compatibility. In this way, end users will be guaranteed a seamless experience when interacting with the mainnet Layer-1 Blockchain.