Important detail about Xbox Series X storage space


The Xbox Series X will come with 1 TB SSD storage. However, a detail that can annoy those who expect to use this area at full capacity has emerged. It is worth noting that this detail also affects the expansion card named Storage Expansion Card prepared by Seagate.

According to the report of IGN, there is a space reserved for system software and other elements on both the SSD and the expansion card. It can be said that this is a natural situation for SSD. Because a certain part of the storage space is allocated to the operating system in all devices. However, it should be noted that it is not uncommon to have pre-installed software on the expansion card.

According to the report of IGN, an area of ​​802 GB is offered to users in the SSD. This corresponds to approximately 80 percent of the total capacity. The other 20 percent is reserved for operating system and system files. In the Seagate Expansion Card, 920 GB of space is offered to users.

Judging from the full glass side, Seagate’s expansion card is not an ordinary add-on. Seagate’s accessory with its own system files can be expected to perform better than its counterparts.

Here, the expressions used by Microsoft in promotion can be emphasized. Sony clearly emphasizes that the PlayStation 5 has an 825 GB SSD. This indicates that the system files occupy approximately 175 GB of space.

It is understood that approximately 200 GB of Xbox Series X storage space is reserved for system files and software. This is not a big problem for the Series X. However, it is understood that the actual storage space on the 512 GB Xbox Series S will be around 300 GB. Whether this will pose a problem for the Xbox Series X will be understood after November.


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