Important decision from Sony regarding PS5 production


Sony had normally planned to produce 15 million PS5s by the end of March. However, according to the report of Bloomberg, the company is shrinking the target by changing this plan. The Japanese technology giant will produce 11 million PlayStation 5 by the end of March.

Reports that Sony aims to produce 10 million PS5 by the end of December have also been on the agenda before. However, in the news of Bloomberg, it was stated that the company encountered some problems in this regard.

It is said that the main processor core of the PS5, designed by AMD, has a problem with the stocks and only 50 percent of the existing parts are suitable for use. Although it is stated that this rate has increased slowly, it is also emphasized that it has not reached a stable level yet.

It should be noted that the revised number is also above Sony’s original plan. Sony announced in April 2021 that it aimed to produce 5-6 million PlayStation 5 by the end of March. However, with the increasing interest in game consoles with the COVID-19 pandemic, Sony also changed the plan.

Sony will hold an event for PS5 on Wednesday. The company is expected to announce the price and release date of the console at this event. The PS5 will appear in two versions, one with disc and one without disc.

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