Important COVID-19 update for Google Maps


Google Maps, which is actively used in our country, is making a new COVID-19 update. As you know, the winter holiday season is coming, and the coronavirus affects the holiday decisions of people who want to travel. As such, Google is making the update announced a few months ago for maps, one of its most popular services. Introduced in September, this feature is now officially available.

Google Maps will show COVID-19 cases

With the new change, Google Maps will now show the number of coronavirus cases in a region. The application will now be able to show the number of people who lost their lives as well as the total number of cases to date. In addition, people looking at the map will be able to see the 1-week situation. In this way, users will have an idea about the number of cases in the regions they are in or want to go when they open Google Maps.

Google Haritalar COVID-19

In addition to seeing this progress of cases, Google Maps also offers a worldwide feature to show the situation on public transport trips. This information is based on real-time information from Google Maps users who take a train or bus. This feature, which provides an idea to maintain social distance, will meet with users to reduce the number of contamination.

Both features are reported to be offered to Android and iOS users in 220 countries and regions in the coming days. In this way, it will be possible to examine the historical data of the regions according to the course of the case.

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