Important claim for the iPhone 12 Pro series display


Rumors about the iPhone 12 series have been around for a very long time. In these rumors, the features of the screens to be used in phones also play an important role. Although it is said that the iPhone 12 Pro models will first include 120Hz ProMotion technology screens used in the iPad Pro, a new claim points to a different situation.

The name that brought this claim to the agenda was journalist Jon Prosser. Stating that Apple had previously carried out Production Approval Test (PVT) for different screens, Prosser stated that the 120Hz screen did not receive large-scale production approval. The experienced journalist stated that the other screens that Apple passed through PVT do not have 120Hz technology.

Stating that Apple started large-scale production for iPhone 12 models, Prosser stated that the probability of the ProMotion screen is now very low. Still, it can be said that it is worth waiting for Apple to officially introduce the iPhone 12 series.

It can be considered as an interesting decision that Apple does not include a 120Hz ProMotion display in iPhone 12 Pro models. The Cupertino-based company both reduces lag and makes Apple Pencil work better with the 120Hz ProMotion display on the iPad Pro. Although the Apple Pencil part is not related to the iPhone, it makes Apple’s decision interesting because of the 120Hz display on many phones.

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