Important announcements from Tesla Battery Day event!


At Tesla’s Battery Day event, CEO Elon Musk made some important announcements. The company’s moves to eliminate cobalt from its batteries were among the announcements that a new Plaid powertrain capable of reaching speeds of 320 kilometers per hour for the Model S and a new cathode production facility will be built to modernize its battery production. In addition, Musk also said that Tesla will make a $ 25,000 car with the new battery technology.

At the socially distant outdoor event, Musk and other speakers addressed Tesla shareholders in parked cars. The audience also honked to confirm the speakers’ words. Thus, a shareholders’ meeting was held with an atmosphere similar to that of an open-air car movie theater.

Here are the important announcements of the Tesla Battery Day 2020 event:

The range of Teslas will increase with baseless battery cells

Tesla plans to produce its own “baseless” batteries that will increase the range and power of its vehicles. It will manufacture the new batteries in-house, and Musk says this will lower costs and bring the selling price of Tesla electric cars closer to gasoline cars. This is also expected to reduce Tesla’s cost per kilowatt hour, an important measure used to measure the battery packs of electric vehicles. The baseless cells, which Tesla calls 4860 cells (Tesla removes the strip that connects the cell), will make its batteries six times more powerful and increase the range by 16 percent.

Tesla currently buys its batteries from Panasonic and will likely continue to do so for a while. But moving battery production into the company has been on Musk’s to-do list for a while. The shortage of these cells in 2018 increased production delays. Musk said the speed of battery production in Panasonic slowed the production of both Model 3 and Model Y.

Model S Plaid will be sold for 139 thousand 990 dollars and will be on the road in 2021

Musk has been giving clues about the Plaid engine for a while, and this will be a step above his Ludicrous model. It will have a range of up to 840 kilometers between two charges, acceleration from 0-100 km / h will be in under two seconds, and it will reach a maximum speed of 320 km / h. The price of the Model S Plaid is given on Tesla’s website as 139 thousand 990 US dollars. Musk has stated in the past that a Plaid version will “cost more than its current offerings”, which has become a reality. Model S Plaid will hit the road in late 2021.

A new cathode manufacturing facility is finally coming

Musk said Tesla will build a new cathode facility for its batteries in North America as part of its quest to reduce supply chain costs and simplify cathode production. This initiative will also make cathodes 76 percent cheaper and improve their processes that will generate zero wastewater. The company also plans to diversify the cathodes it uses due to the low nickel supply.

We don’t know where the new cathode factory will be built, but when Musk announced that Tesla’s next factory would be in Austin, Texas in July, he said he would “definitely take into account” Tulsa, Oklahoma, the second city for future projects.

Cobalt will not be used in cathodes

Tesla plans to eliminate the use of cobalt in its cathodes. Musk has said in the past that Tesla wants to eliminate it altogether, even though it uses very little of existing batteries. Cobalt is often mined under conditions that violate human rights, leading to finding other materials to replace it.

Musk did not provide a roadmap for when the company should stop using cobalt, but said the change would make its batteries significantly cheaper. “It’s absolutely essential that we build cars that people can really afford,” he said. “Affordable price is key to the way we scale.”

New target $ 25,000 automobile

Tesla plans to reduce the cost of battery cells and packages in line with its goal of producing an electric car with a US $ 25,000 price. Musk said Tesla would achieve this goal by using new “baseless” battery cells and replacing the materials inside the cell, which would allow Tesla to “halve” the price per kilowatt hour.

It is not the first time that Musk’s predictions will reduce the costs of Tesla’s electric cars significantly. He first pledged a $ 25,000 EV in 2018 and said it would be possible in three years.


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