Important announcement for Xbox Series X stock


The Xbox Series X and Series S were released last week. Those who cannot find the new consoles during the pre-order process or as soon as they come out are likely to wait until next year. Statements from the Xbox front also confirm this situation.

Speaking at the Jefferies Interactive Entertainment Virtual Conference, Xbox’s chief financial officer Tim Stuart stated that the supply of new Xboxes may be difficult until the first quarter of 2021. Previously, Microsoft’s Xbox chief, Phil Spencer, also made statements pointing to this situation. Spencer also apologized for this at Twitch’s Glitchcon event.

According to Stuart, the situation regarding the stockpiles of new Xboxes could change early next year. The Xbox manager stated that the production will accelerate, especially towards the summer months. Stuart pointed to April of next year for supply to meet demand.

The Xbox Series X and Series S aren’t the only game products that are out of stock. It was previously confirmed by the company that there is a shortage of RTX 3080 and 3090 graphics cards used in Nvidia’s game consoles. It is said that it is not easy to find the console in countries where the PlayStation 5 is released.


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