Important Analyst Interprets the Fall in Bitcoin


Yesterday, up to $ 9400, Bitcoin fell in the evening and fell below $ 9200. Most of the altcoins that have been on the rise for a while after this decline have also decreased.

According to the analysis after this period, the important thing is the daily closing of the Bitcoin price. Josh Olszewicz, an analyst on this issue, made a comment and said that the daily close below $ 9,000 would be a nuisance.

Olszewicz also said that after the close below $ 9,000, the price of Bitcoin could go down to $ 7100. The cryptocurrency analyst, who thinks that the level that bears will dominate in technical sense will be below 9 thousand dollars, calls for a careful opening of transactions in this period.

Bitcoin price has fallen below $ 9 thousand in the last 45-50 days. However, he knew how to recover immediately after these landings. Some of the analysts emphasize that the support level between $ 8700-8800 is strong. The fact that Bitcoin generally returns from these levels is a finding that strengthens this thesis.

As in the global markets, the crypto sector is still in decline today. There are also declines in subcoins such as Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Cardano. Bitcoin dominance index is 63%.

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