Império Serrano samba school to auction carnival NFT


NFT: The carioca samba school Império Serrano is the first of its kind to enter the world of NFTs. The organization has partnered with Canadian company UREEQA and Brazilian producer Abrakazum to create a non-fungible token related to the world of Carnival.

The items in question, which will be converted to NFT, are a costume from one of their floats, four lifetime tickets to the parades, the flag that will be carried by the flag bearer at the 2022 parade and an as-yet-unrevealed 3D cryptoart.

According to the Executive Director of Império Serrano, José Luiz Escafura, this is one of the several vanguards of the school – it was already the first to parade with samba, front and prominence committee, in addition to having its own football club.


The initial value of the auction is U$S 20.4 thousand — or R$ 100 thousand, in direct currency conversion. Bids will be received from September 1st on the Abrakazum website. For now, it is only possible to register the email to receive news about the process.

NFTs are increasingly popular in Brazil and bring more ways for the audience to interact with the country’s culture. In addition to the first Indian art show on NFT having already been announced, Rock Day was celebrated in the country with non-fungible tokens from the band Charlie Brown Jr.


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