Immortals Fenyx Rising was born from a mistake


Ubisoft Quebec, developers of the award-winning Assassins video game, has created a new game set in classic mythology.

Inspiration can come at any time, that’s why creators always have a notebook at hand (or a mobile phone, which is available to anyone). Ubisoft Quebec, those responsible for Immortals Fenyx Rising (formerly known as Gods & Monsters) have revealed on IGN what the germ of the video game was. According to Scott Phillips, creative director of the video game, the first idea came from a bug in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, his previous project.

“For me, the first memory I have of what eventually became Immortals Fenyx Rising was a bug from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.” According to the creative, the error occurred on board the Andraste, the ship in which Kassandra / Alexios travels through Ancient Greece. “We were sailing, but instead of the human crew, we ended up having a crew of Cyclops.” He defines it as one of those moments in which you are surprised. “It would be great to develop a complete game centered on that mythology,” they reflected.

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