Immortals: Fenyx Rising, impressions.


We tested the new production from the creators of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for about 4 hours, a trip to the most parodic Greece.

Zeus is the father of gods and men, almighty, omnipotent and with an ego that surpasses Olympus. Immortals: Fenyx Rising sketches a parodic vision of the classical world, of that Greece of divinities and heroes, where epics followed one another and mythological creatures exhibited their powers. Ubisoft Quebec, the studio behind Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, doesn’t move from the Greek setting, but embarks on a more personal journey to design an entirely new intellectual property. Without neglecting its heritage, the studio has managed to create an interesting product with its own personality. After a session of about four hours of play we can finally tell you our feelings at the controls.

The higher you climb, the harder the fall will be. That is what happens to the Greek gods, who in this version of history suffer a resounding defeat. The arrogance of Zeus, who believes himself above everything and everyone, does not prevent an ancient divinity from rebelling against the established power. It is about Typhon, a sinister and monstrous being, powerful to unsuspected limits. It rises to the clouds with its wings coated in fire and magma, always thinking about its next move. In classical mythology, Typhon was able to subdue the supreme god, although it was finally Zeus himself who put an end to his reign. Since then he took refuge inside the Etna volcano, in Sicily. But that’s another story, the one that appears in the books.

The plot premise and the character editor

Until just a few weeks ago, Immortals: Fenyx Rising was known as Gods & Monsters, a name that the studio changed because they wanted to focus their attention on Fenyx, the main character. This was confirmed by Scott Phillips, creative director, in an interview with MeriStation. In this story, Typhoon has taken control of the situation and has put Zeus on the ropes. He lowers himself to ask Prometheus for help, the titan that he himself subjected to eternal torture. It must not be very pleasant for an eagle to eat your liver every day, so Prometheus will have to be forgiven for his scathing remarks. The chained man points downward toward the place where mortals dwell. And again, the proud Zeus shows that he looks down on everyone when he calls them parasites. Well, one of those parasites is going to save you this time.

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The history of this title has been written in a humorous way, something that is also reflected in the graphic aspect, carefree and with a cartoon cartoon finish. A particular scene that has made us very funny is the one that portrays this Zeus for what he is, a megalomaniac god, not very tolerant and narcissistic. A meta-reference to the video game credits appears and Zeus is listed as game director, production director, director director, senior producer, father of the gods, creator of the world and a whole series of positions that could well have appeared in a Linkedin page. A little later, when the phrase ‘Ubisoft Quebec Presents’ is finally drawn on the horizon, Zeus shows his surprise to Prometheus, the narrator: “How, this was just the prologue? How can it take so long to start a story? ” The truth is that we have flown by, but before anticipating anything else, let’s go back in time, until God discovers who his heroine is going to be.


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