Immortals Fenyx Rising, gameplay: Ubisoft’s new fantasy


We show you the best of everything we could capture during the two hours of gameplay of the game previously known as Gods and Monsters.

Immortals Fenyx Rising was one of the great names of the past Ubisoft Forward, which was held on Thursday, September 9 and which showed gameplay and important news of a title that has been transformed since it became known as Gods and Monsters. In Meristation we have already shown you our impressions after playing more than two hours, an interview with the director of the game and now we bring you our own gameplay after capturing our game with the best of the title. Remember that it arrives on December 3 to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

In this video captured playing ourselves we are going to show you several things:

  • Combat system
  • Development of a main mission
  • Events and extras in the world
  • Platformer, puzzles and exploration

Because one of the great hooks that the game has is precisely its variety of proposals: we are facing an adventure that is not only based on fighting against hundreds of enemies taken from Greek mythology, but also gives us the possibility of enjoying elaborate puzzles, an RPG progress system that clearly drinks from Assassin’s Creed and much more. The title promises.

In fact, in our impressions we already indicated that it was a mixture of Assassin’s Creed and Breath of the Wild, precisely because of how it had acquired mechanics and movements from the Nintendo game published in 2017. Take a look at the video and leave doubts.

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