Immortals: did the franchise get established?


Holder of numerous titles that have a good launching frequency in the market, Ubisoft faced the arduous challenge of bringing, among its children, one more heir: Immortals: Fenyx Rising.

We know that launching a new name in such a saturated industry requires not only goodwill, marketing and technical competence, but also the ability to establish that product with long-term plans and content that expands the original proposal, especially when it comes to mythology.

The Immortals map was drawn from the start: three expansions had been scheduled before the game’s release. To better understand the future of the franchise and what players can expect from the Fenyx saga, Voxel talked to Julien Galloudec, the game’s assistant director, and got good news.

Exploring “new horizons”

Yes, the reception for Immortals: Fenyx Rising was positive enough to pave a breeding ground for the game’s future. “This is always the main objective for developers. We are now exploring new horizons with DLCs, expanding the universe and trying new things, so players can continue to engage with new content, ”explained Galloudec.

Greek mythology will exchange stickers with the Chinese in the second expansion of the game, “Myths of the Eastern Realm”, which will introduce a new hero, Ku. The character embarks on a journey to save mortals on a new mystical island on the border of Heaven and Earth. What extra layer will this novelty bring to gameplay?

“Players will have to master Ku’s fighting skills and fighting style, inspired by Chinese martial arts, to defeat new enemies and monsters from Chinese mythology,” said the assistant director.


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