iMessage rival Google Messages is now safer!


Developed as a competitor to Apple’s iMessage app, the Google Messages app is now safer. A critical step was taken for the security of the application, which allows RCS messaging on Android devices. The end-to-end encryption feature tested with the new update allows you to send and receive your messages encrypted to the other party.

The feature called RCS is not specific to the Messages application, this system is seen as a more modern version of SMS. We couldn’t add SMS and emoji, but with this system the problem disappeared.

The Google Messages app will use end-to-end encryption
Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram use a method called end-to-end encryption. This method transmits the message you send as “Hello” to the other party in a complex way like “# A $ G29FxD”. The client of the other party solves this message according to his own method and shows the original message to the receiver. Of course, this process is done in a very short time. The Google Messages app has also switched to this method with the new update.

The “https” protocol we see on the websites works similarly. With this structure called SSL, credit card information or user login information is sent in encrypted form. This prevents malicious people from seeing the data. This system has now become a standard, and not only Google Messages, but many services have switched to this method.

Applications that still transfer data that are not encrypted are often condemned by users. If you are a Google Messages user, you will be able to have more secure chats.


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