iMessage finally has Giphy Clips


iMessage: Messaging applications let you express yourself to your liking with all kinds of resources. It is true that stickers have gained popularity among users, but GIFs continue to be a more effective and fun way to communicate. But there is an evolution of these that also have sound and it is these so-called Clips that finally reach iMessage on your iPhone.

A new way to communicate in iMessage

Many like to receive a GIF from time to time as a reply to messages. It is a fun way to interact with your contacts, although it is true that everything in its due measure. And is that some have the habit of answering everything with one of these resources, which leads to excessive fatigue on the other side. But we are not going to stay with the bad part, but with the good part that implies that iMessage has the Giphy clips.

In case you did not know it, Giphy is one of the largest websites on the Internet dedicated to GIFs and from which you can use many in your messaging apps. In fact, even Google’s Gboard lets you search for resources on this page adapted to what you need. But what you might not know is that you have these funny clips. These are small pieces of video and audio lowered in resolution so that they occupy little and you can send them to your friends.

According to the 9to5mac website, it is necessary to have version 4.2.5 of the messaging service to finally use these clips. To use them, you will only have to reply with a message to one of the many contacts that you have in your calendar and select the Giphy icon, the one that looks like a file made with pixels, and look for the GIF that best suits what you need.

Don’t forget about other resources

It is true that with the Giphy Clips you will have at your disposal a new tool with which you can attract the attention of your contacts. However, you may find better as are the 3D GIFs that you will surely find available when browsing the page. Find the ones you like the most, save them and together with the clips you will surely keep more than one, although as we told you at the beginning it will be better to use them in moderation.


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