Imani Hakim: Where’s Tonya From Everybody Hates Chris?


Imani Hakim was still in elementary school when he realized that he loved acting. Her parents supported the girl’s dream, especially her father, a photographer enchanted by art, and she got great public attention by getting the role of Tonya in Everybody Hates Chris.

The series was a great success worldwide and, in Brazil, it was no different, since the four seasons of the series were shown in repetition mode by fans. However, as time went by, the actors lost their spotlight, including Hakim.

After so long after finishing the series, what happened to the actress? Find out now #PorOndeAnda Imani Hakim, Tonya from Everybody Hates Chris!

Imani Hakim: life after success

Everybody Hates Chris was closed in 2009 and many actors and actresses, as they are quite new to the audiovisual market, gained great focus with the acclaimed sitcom, as was the case with Imani.

She ended up making small appearances in some series like The Wizards of Waverly Place and State of Affairs, but her next highlight happened only in 2014 when Tonya’s interpreter was cast as the protagonist of the film The Gabby Douglas Story, in which the story of the film is portrayed. Olympic medalist.

In addition, Imani Hakim also managed to attract attention for his role in Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet as Dana. The series also belongs to the comedy genre, which only reinforces Hakim’s talent for acting in lighter productions.

However, even though she started her career as a member of the cast of Everybody Hates Chris, her career has developed and Hakim has shown the potential to cope not only on camera, but also behind them.

As director and producer, Imani brought Nightcap to life: Mariana, a 12-minute short film focused on a first meeting that discusses love and the need to overcome the past, leaving it behind.


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