Iman Vellani from “Miss Marvel” thought she only had a cameo in “Miracles”


Breakthrough star Iman Vellani was highly praised and celebrated after her grand entrance into the MCU with the release of the Disney Plus series “Miss Marvel”. Vellani’s mere presence in the MCU breaks down barriers, creating a whole new diverse precedent for the next generation of superheroes. The young actress plays Kamala Khan, the first South Asian MCU superhero.

In Miss Marvel, Kamala is an American Muslim teenager who seeks solace and comfort in pretending. She is able, as a character, to interact deeply with the audience, because Kamala is also a big fan of the MCU — more precisely, Captain Marvel. Kamala reflects the fans watching at home how much strength and strength they conceal in themselves — this sense of magic and miracle is inherent not only to those who wear a cloak and mask. As Vellani begins to strengthen her name after the positive reviews and love she has received so far from critics and the public, she is gradually adjusting to this newfound sense of recognition. Actress Brie Larson is set to return to the MCU in 2023 with “Miracles,” the upcoming sequel to 2019’s “Captain Marvel.”

Although Larson mostly traveled alone in the first film, this time she will be assisted by two famous allies — Monica Rambo (Teyona Parris) and Kamala Khan (Vellani). Vellani is still getting used to the hype and excitement after becoming the host of her own MCU show. In a recent interview with Variety, she said that, to be honest, she did not expect and did not expect that Ms. Marvel would play the main role in “Miracles.” Initially, when she was cast in the film, she assumed that her character would just play a short episodic role, and not play one of the three main roles.

“It was a night shoot when they announced everything on Disney Investor Day. Right before they announced the cast of “Miracles,” I got a message from Disney’s public relations department, I got a message from Brie Larson, and I got a message from our producers at the same time that I was shooting a movie, and then they announced it on screen,” Vellani shared. — I said, “Thank you.” I had a feeling I was going to be in it, but it’s more of a cameo role rather than a real main character, so it was cool.” Vellani is really welcomed to the MCU by her castmates and fans with open arms. Even though it may take her a little longer to adjust to the fame and pressure that comes with being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seems like the whole experience has so far exceeded her expectations.

Miss Marvel acts as Kamala Khan Vellani’s origin story, just like Captain Marvel did for Larson’s Carol Danvers. Monica Rambo’s journey to unlock her abilities has also already been told during the events that unfolded in WandaVision. Thus, all three heroines are at the point in their history when they escaped from the cocoon and even spread their wings, but where next? Now that all three heroes have reached a certain level of self-control, what can they offer and what can they share with each other?

The premiere of “Miracles” will take place in cinemas on July 28, 2023.